Nightscout is an Open Source web-based CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) that allows multiple caregivers to remotely view a patient’s glucose data in real time.

It is often deployed by non-technical people for their own use. The traditional method used a MongoDB Addon on Heroku that is now deprecated. I have sent patches to adapt the documentation on the relevant projects:

This app is life-changing. Some Nigthscout users may be impatient, so I am writing this blog post to guide them in the meantime.

Setting up Nightscout

If you want to setup Nightscout from scratch using MongoDB Atlas, **please follow this modified guide (See edit).

However, note that you will have to make one modification to the steps in the guide. At the start of Step 4, you will need to go to this repository instead: This is my own version of Nightscout and it contains small modifications that will allow you to set it up with MongoDB Atlas easily.

I will keep this blog post updated as I receive feedback. Come back here for more instructions.

EDIT(2022-12-08): Most of the documentation that I wrote is no longer needed as it was integrated in Nightscout’s new documentation site.